Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aug 3/3 but need 4/4

I know I'm a little behind but damn, my schedule is tighter that a sock monkeys ass frozen in a block of ice.  Wait for that visual....GOT IT?....GOOD!

8/14 - I headed down to CF Durham (155) in Durham, NC for a little Sunday action with the Lumberjack 20.  L20 consists of 20 reps of 275# Deadlifts, 2p KB Swings, 115# OH Squats, Burpees, C2B Pull Ups, 24" Box Jumps and 40# DB Squat Cleans with 400m runs after each round. I finished in 26:16, Fun Times! Coach Doug was really encouraging and explained the moves so that everyone could understand them. I had a blast in my short time there and is a gym definitely worth visiting again. 

8/16 - Since I was back in Tidewater, I figured I get a box or two in. 1st stop was Compound CF (156) in Chesapeake, VA.  Raw and Loud was what I walked into and I liked it. The WOD was a little different, even for me! 200 DU then 4 Rds of 5 Burpees Power Cleans @ 155 & 30 T2B then 200 DU. Forearms, hands, and shoulders = CRUSHED! Finished in 32:25 which was pretty damn good overall.  All ages were in this class and I mean 21 to 65.  It was great to see so much work getting done by everyone! I can't remember who was teaching but I do remember Stephanie, she is a trainer there and a beast to WOD with. 

2nd stop on this trip was to Clique CF (158) in Va Beach, VA.  This trip was unlike most as in I didn't meet the trainer due to another engagement but I did meet one of his long time members Deany Dormer. She let me do whatever I wanted so I hit a Death By WOD. DB SDHP (75#) and Ball Slams (20#). I made it thru 9 rounds, may have had more in me but my hands we tore open from all the T2B not too long ago.  I did get to earn my purple by doing (25) 30" box jumps in under a min. Maybe next time I'll get to meet you Mr. Bennett. 

8/17 - TRIPLET DAY! My old friend Chris was enjoying his last free week before he had to go back to school. So what do you do on a completely open day where WODing is your only option...WOD...A LOT!   1st stop was CF Forward (159) in Spotsylvania, VA. This was their last week in Coach Lindsay's garage, we loved the garage, and we were so glad to get to WOD there.  After some bench press work, we hit our WOD of 1 rd FGB...Balls Out!  I got a 135, not the greatest but it was fun!  Thanks Coach Lindsay and I can't wait to see the new box!

WOD 2 was more of a long term promise visit to Lisa Quinn at CF Spotsy (159) in Spotsylvania, VA.  Lisa was an intern at my L1 and I was her judge at the 2011 Games.  After some big hugs and catching up we hit some strict presses then the WOD of 3Rds 21 Front Squats @ 95#, 30 Sec Handstand hold, 25 GHD Sit Ups, & 30 Sec Hold again.  This was a blast!! Big props to Sheena Phelps who made this WOD a race and a battle! Leg fighting holding HS is fun.  Finished in 11:26 and finished their MAN test in :46 sec.  I had more fun that should be allowed but on to more.  Thanks again for this one Lisa, it was spectacular!  GO HERE IF EVER IN THE SPOTSY AREA...WELL WORTH IT!

For the third and final WOD today we hit up RARE CF (160) in Fredericksburg, VA. I hate to say it but this was unfortunately the least memorable of the day.  21-15-9 DB Burpee DL, Pull ups and Box Jumps.  Blew thru in 9:56 and then we were pretty much out the door.  It was a descent place, must have been a bit off that night though.  Oh Well, it was fun and it was it for the day.

Well that's is for now...more to come soon

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  1. I must say, you have a pretty sweet gig sir!! I look forward to working out with you again sometime in the future:)