Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24 Hours in Winston-Salem, NC

I had some time to kill, so I went to visit an old friend in Winston-Salem, NC. unfortunately my friend had a softball game to play and I was never gonna make it to the start.  Fortunately for me there was a box close by their house and it was a perfect place for me to kill time while waiting for them to finish. 

I was lured by the loud music and sound of bumper plates hitting the floor.  I knew I was in the right spot, CF Winston-Salem (161) !  I was greeted by the owner, Bryan, as I walked in.  After a few introductions and a waiver, I got to watch the end of the previous class finishing up some split jerk practice.  I even helped Bryan work on his technique since there is rarely anyone ever there to watch what the coaches are doing and give them pointers.  I needed this practice, so I was excited to jump in to this strength day here at CFWS.  6x1 was the prescription but once again I was all messed up the silly metric system.  My lifts looked like this: Red, Red/Green, Red/Yellow, Red/Blue, Red/Blue+4.6, and Red/Blue+2.3 or 155, 205, 255, 245, 255(f), 250(f).  Not bad overall, I got to work on some fork work which was key. 

After class I got to spend some time chatting about CrossFit and learning about the other boxes in the area.  All in all, this was a positive example of what the community is all about and I'm glad I got to meet Bryan, his crew, and his box.  Thanks CFWS!

Now after a fun night of catching up and Trivial Pursuit, the last thing I really wanted to do was get up and get back to work.  I figured I've had a few hours to play with so I headed over to CrossFit 24/7 (162).  This wasnt' your normal box but a 24/7 fitness facility.  I was the only person in the 7am "class", now normally I'm OK with some individual training but today I felt off.  I was off because the "trainer" left me to do "Cindy" by myself.  He literally went to another room with a personal client and ignored the fact that I was there.  I don't know about you but this is disheartening and unmotivating.  He actually only spoke to me three times during the WOD:
  1. "Half way done"
  2. "2 minutes left"
  3. "Can you please put on your shirt? Your embarrassing the other trainer"

I hate saying this, but if you have to option to hit this affiliate or sleep in, SLEEP IN and find a later class at CFWS or CF Downtown Winston (163). Oh Yeah, did like 13 rounds of "Cindy", like I said uninspired.  So I found a great little restaurant, got some eggs and bacon and then got ready for that later class at CFDW.  CFDW had a cool studio vibe to it.  Multiple lifting platforms and a spacious middle area made this place I wanted to be at.  We warmed up and then did some skill work with OHS finding a 3RM. I did 200# for 3, which isn't all that bad.  Then we took 70% of our 3rm (140) to our wod of 9 OHS/ 18 Pull Ups/ 6 OHS/ 12 Pull Ups/ 3 OHS/ 6 Pull Ups. Killed it in 2:23!!  The trainer actually thought it was too easy and I should have used more weight. I told her that it was her math problem.  All in all it was a good time with good instructional cues and some good take home tips. Thanks again to CFDW for taking care of me on short notice. Check it out if your in the area and don't forget about the restaurant around the corner, it was AWESOME!

So I hit every box in the Winston-Salem area in under 24 hours. It was mostly a great time and a good area for the CF community. 


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