Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mother Nature

As always nothing ever goes as planned but hey, that's life.  I had a great week. My co-worker made it in safe and sound from the west coast and now fun was scheduled. 

We headed east toward an area that holds a special place in my heart, Tidewater, VA. As always though, we had to make a quick stop to a new box.  This time it was once again in Richmond, VA but now we were at CF Full Circle (164).  This place seemed pretty cool, it seemed like a multi use place with MMA, jujitsu, and wrestling all going on.  This day was a skill day with Coach Jason Struck so we stretched and got to work on our overhead skills and I mean all of them! 
3-2-1-1 Push Press: 185-205-225-245
3-2-1-1 Push Jerk: 185-205-225-245
5x4 Strict Press: 135

He was really helpful with the few people that were there, very attentive and knowledgeable.  If you have the time, take a chance and check out CFFC. 

So as you know I work in odd places and this week was no different.  I was ready to go and go word there was an accident that would hold me up.  So I waited a day. Next day a Earthquake. Wait another day. Next day Hurricane.  Well this sucked even though the police force where I was at let us use there gym and showers.  After 4 days of waiting, work said bring your asses home.  So following orders, we got shit packed and hit the road. 

8/26 As we were headed home my partner in crime AK said "where's a new box?" This guy loves this 200 box goal almost as much as I do!  We headed west to Charleston, WV and hit CF WV (165). 
After a quick warm up and some bench press skill we got down and dirty with a fun wod:
4rds of 20 Lateral Jumps / 20 Hand Release Push Ups / 10 Thrusters @ 115 (9:47)
I absolutely loved this wod! The crew was totally cool and super supportive of one another.  Coach Rachel was a good trainer and a cool all around chic.  They have a great down and dirty box and they are they only show in town.  If your ever passing that gold dome in WV, know that you are by one of the better boxes in the state.  Beside they have one kick ass logo!

Labor day weekend and 31 Heroes WOD report next.  I'm getting there, I promise!

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