Monday, November 28, 2011

DC Area Ups and Downs

I have this great weekend planned out in the DC Area.  I don't know how much of my plan is going to work out but we'll see how things unfold.... Here we go!!!!

(9/30) I crashed at my friends Red's studio apt when I got to town.  Luckily it was close to where I was going in the morning so it was a good choice.  I would soon be at the hotel with one of my big sis's, Rotten, and about 400of our closest friends.  First stop of the day was Balance CF (174) in Washington D.C.  As I finished helping with some back squat demo's for the class, I realized my rental car was "courtesy" towed down two blocks at the cost of $100 and ticketed for $100 bucks too! Most expensive drop in ever!
So the WOD was 5-10-4-20-3-30-2-40-1-50 MU and KB @ 1.5 (6:58) it was a good one, even if I was the only one at Rx.  The trainer was cool, he actually used to own CF Durham.  Sorry I didn't get to see you Dionne.

I stopped by District CF to say hi to Andrew and resident BAD ASS Jenn Jones was there.  I hadn't planned on a WOD but that damn girl is very convincing.  5rds of 5 G2OH / 10 Deadlifts / 15 Wall Balls (165#/20#)  in 10:24.  Damn you Jenn!  Your tired energy is awesome!

I stopped by the hotel to drop off my gear and grab Rotten.  We chatted on the way to CF Adaptation (175) in Arlington, VA.  She checked it out but didn't stay for the WOD.  I met Coach Curtis, played with the dogs, and then got to work. 
Deadlift 1x4 (315, 405, 455, 505) and then we took 70% of that 1RM and did this fun WOD:
305# 15DL, 400m run, 10DL, 400, 5DL, 400 in 8:10

I got beat by a girl doing maybe 1/3 the weight but it was cool, she was good!

After a snack we headed out toward Alexandria, VA.  I dropped Rotten off with our friend Dirty for drinks and then hit up one more WOD at Crossfit Capital Jiu-Jitsu (176) at Capital MMA & Elite fitness.  I was early, so I stretched a lot and then we got to work with a front squat ladder of 6x2, GO HEAVY!!  95-135-185-205-275-285, it was fun to me cuz I love front squats.  Then hit up the WOD: 8min AMRAP of 4FS@ 185 (cleaned from the ground and 8 pull ups.  I cleaned up here, completing 10 rds

Work for the day is done, now it's play time!

(10/1) I missed my WOD at MPH due to over sleeping....DAMN PATRON!

(10/3) Up early to hit CF Capitol Hill (177). 

Patrick, the owner, said I would be taken care of when I got there.  Little did I know we would be at a community center, in a second floor classroom!  No dropping weights here.  There was a good group of 14, including a deaf female athlete who worked at her own pace but was really strong.  We started with a long stretch and warm up and then did an 8 min EMOM of 3-4 Strict Presses @ 95#. It was interesting but very fun.  Then a quick class rearrangement led into a 15min AMRAP of 15 Air Squats and 30sec parallel bar hold.  16rds was clutch and only reached by 2 of us.  Fun times were had and there was even a random photo op in the other room. 

(10/4) I spent the day hanging with PB and Rotten.  They wanted to go to sight seeing in Georgetown and I wanted to WOD.....drop me off ladies and have fun.  The left me at Patriot CF (178) in Alexandria, which was fine by me.  I knew some of the trainers already since they work at Potomac CF as well. After some fun stretching we started a 10min death by of HSPU.  I made it thru 8 +3, which was pretty awesome to me.  Then we started to make preps for our WOD:
5rd: 5 Power Snatches @ 115, 10 Ring Dips, 15 K2E, and a 200m Run.  I finished in 14:20 and felt great after. 

Patriot has a great vibe and a super cool staff.  It's a bit out of the way if your in the city without transportation but with a car it's totally a great place to WOD.

(10/5)  I knew we were leaving in a few hours for Savannah but I had enough time for a quick lunch session at Primal Fitness (179).

It was a pretty liberal place set inside of an old firehouse.  The lunch time coach was super chill and let me get at their strength day aggressively.  5x4 Front Squats all at 275.  Good speed out of the bottom and all solid reps.  Did some accessory work while I was there as well.  Thanked coach for letting me drop in and bounced.  I didn't get to chat as much as I liked to due to an intro/boot camp class but hey, it happens. 

I know this one seems short but sometimes there just isn't much interaction between the trainers and drop-in clients.  Time to get on a train car full of crazies and head down to Savannah GA!  God only knows what is about to happen. 

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