Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extended Labor Day Weekend '11

So Labor Day Weekend was a blast! Not only was I on travel again, I got to visit 5 boxes!!

(9/3) I was working in the south again, this time near Raleigh, NC.  It was a special WOD day across the country as we had all banned together to do "31 Heroes" in honor of our fallen brothers of SEAL TEAM 6.  I contacted CFL2 Trainer, 2011 CF Games Teams competitor and all around bad ass chic, Christmas Abbott about hitting up her box, CF Raleigh (166) and helping support this great cause.  She wouldn't be there due to her L1 cert training schedule but I was assured I'd be in good hands.  As I got there they were already starting the WOD demo, announcing heats and partner assignments.  I got Ryan Lowden, a relatively new athlete to CF but full of heart.  Our 31 was modified from the original due to low ceilings but none the less it was brutal and rewarding
"31 Heroes" CFR Mod
31m AMRAP Partner 1 works on AMRAP while Partner 2 runs a 400 with a 30# Db
8 thrusters @ 135
6 strict pull ups
11 box jumps @ 30"
Then switch and carry on rep count. 

Ryan and I got thru 9+ rounds, which was pretty solid work.  We pushed each other hard and I couldn't have asked for a better partner.  Everyone in heat 1 (our heat) cheered on group two as they took on the task at hand.  It was a great atmosphere with solid people and a great feeling of camaraderie.  Definitely check out CFR if your in the area, maybe it'll be Christmas' turn to give you a present..of pain...if your nice!

(9/5) After a solid rest day, I ventured back out to enjoy my Labor Day with some good old fashioned fun. This time I was at CF Local (167) in Chapel Hill, NC.  So, by old fashioned, I mean hard and fast!!! FRAN was on tap for this crew.  There were around 25 members in the box this morning, so we went off in 5 different heats.  I waited to go last with the owner, Chad Edwards, to push him and little did i know he was pretty much a beast and didn't need my help.  3-2-1 GO!!! Fran was over and done with a PR time for me in 3:22.  I got Chad by 2sec but it wasn't about winning, it was about everyone giving it everything they had and getting thru this fun.

Everyone here was really friendly and super welcoming. I even met a friend of local Pittsburgh Crossfit Shutter Bug, Chris Nolan, while I was there.  Definitely a great place to get your WOD on in the Tar Heel State!

Having a bit more time to kill in the morning, I ran over to Kroger and grabbed some grub before what I thought was my next WOD.  I went to CF Exchange (168) in Raleigh, NC to possibly grab one more WOD before heading back to work.  I waited in the parking lot for a bit and then checked my e-mail to find out that they were closed today.  I went to put a flier for "Make It Paleo" in the mailbox and a nice woman came out to greet me.  Sue DeMaria introduced herself and invited me in.  After some chatting, she offered me what I couldn't refuse.....a WOD. how could I pass up a brand new box all to myself.
15m AMRAP of 10 OHS @ 95#, 15 T2B, & 20 DU
I made it thru 5+2 DU which was good since Fran was still fresh on the old CNS.  I even filled out the waiver mid WOD, it was funny cuz she came toward me and I just started telling her info to fill in.  I'm so lucky that I was getting out to hype a great book and she just happened to see me.  MY whole hearted appreciation goes out to Sue and CFE, you ma'am are amazing. RAISE THE BAR!!!

(9/7) Yes my Labor Day weekend carries beyond conventional boundaries, deal with it.  I travelled my ass over to Va Beach and ended up on Dam Neck military base..I got an ID, I'm good.  After a scenic drive of military personnel and sand dunes, I found my way back to the farthest part of the base where they did some marine training.  Here in this small area was where CF Dominance (169) held court.  All outdoors, even the rig.  10Rds of Hand Release Cindy with a C&J of 135 to start each round. 3-2-1 Go meant that 15 soldiers and sailors went to town on the WOD all at once.  This was tougher than it looks I must say.  16:04, not great, but fun.  Everyone was really cool and had to run back to defending the country so I really didn't get to talk to too many people after.  I'm glad I could check it out though, it was cool being back on a base for a change.

Now I couldn't get outta town without trying one more box.  Nansemond CF (170) in Suffolk, VA has less than normal hours and I was there on a not so normal day for me, so what the hell.  I thought I was lost when I got there since it was actually in the garage of Brian Ross, the trainer and owners home.

His garage had everything a box needed, even rings high enough for muscle ups.  After playing cars with lil Brian, a few more people showed up and we got started.  Shoulder mobility was the focus today and we worked extensively on getting things back to where they belonged.  Now it was WOD time: 10 MU, 25 K2E, 15 HSPU, 35 Ring Rows, & 40 Push Ups in 9:44
This was way too much fun and definitely harder than it looked.  Thanks for a great time Brian, if I can ever make another class, I'd love to come back and meet more of your crew.  Keep getting stronger!

Now that was a busy yet fun extended weekend.  Next time, I'm going back to Charlotte and go fishing!

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