Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 Boxes in 6 Hours!

(5/10 1200) So I got a chance to go back to one of the cities I love in life, Va Beach.  I was there finishing up some work and was given a whole day to enjoy myself, sneak in a few WODs, see an old friend and even pop in to a hash circle. 
As soon as we finished up with our work and could get out of there, I headed for the beach.  After about 30 min on the beach, I headed for CF Obsession (116) a few blocks away. There I watched some amazing women practicing deadlifts.  One in particular was Dana, who happened to be the coach of the noon class.  After she put us thru an extensive warm up, we hit one of the worst WODs I've done since giving myself a concussion.  5min of DU (200) then 30 HSPU / 15 Rope Climbs, 20/10, 10/5, followed by 5 min of KB swings (1.5p/50). The center piece took 19:15 to complete, which was pretty good since every member was over 20 min up to that class.
Thanks for welcoming me to your box and I can't wait to visit again.
I headed out to catch up with my old friend from Hawaii, Dirtbag.  He's in town installing some new water slides at the ocean front.  After a quick few minutes he had to go back to work and I realized how close I was to another box that I hadn't been to before. 

(1400) I was only about 5 minutes away so I headed out to CF Takeover (117)  where I met Shawn, one of the trainers.  This was their open gym time so Shawn said I could do either today's WOD or yesterdays WOD.  I took the easier road and did their Monday WOD of 10-1/1-10 Power snatches @ 75# and Burpees.  Finished in around 9:45.  This was a little harder than expected but really fun.  I also met some of their team for regionals.  I liked this box a lot and can't wait to see what the Takeover Heroes and Chicks have to give at regionals.  Good Luck guys!

(1600) Now I was a little tired but I pulled it together and met my good friend Lynda Otto, who is now an avid crossfitter.  I promised her from the minute I got her into it, that I would be there to WOD with her.  I kept my promise to her and as tired as I was, it was gonna be a good one.  We hit up a 3-3-3-3-3 OH Squats set. I maxed this one out at 205. Not bad considering I almost lost it.  After this was a quick 12-9-6 of HSPU, KB Swings and Box Jumps (4:01).  I think my traps hated me after over 80 HSPU in a day!  Thanks for having me CFOV and I'm glad my friend is there with you.

Now this was a crazy day of working out which was totally completed by dinner on deck of Greenies and some great fun with my crazy hash friends.  A good time was crammed into one day and I wouldn't have any other way.  Back in the area tomorrow, lets see what kinda of trouble I can get into......

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