Sunday, May 8, 2011

CF Reynoldburg and Sugarcreek CF

(4/25) Well since sectional was winding down, I figure I head home for easter Sunday.  I did 11.5 and then sped home to judge in the Queen City Sectional @ CF Power Performance, hit a River Monsters game, and then saw friends at a local watering hole.  On a sad note, after all this fun it ended with finding out my Aunt Wanda lost her battle with cancer.  RIP my sweet Aunt, we will miss you. 
Being one of my biggest supports in all that I do, she would have wanted me to go on and that I did.  With strength comes power so I decided that the timing was just perfect for me to visit CF Renyonldsburg (#114) in Renyoldsburg, OH.  There I met Heather and her crew for some warm ups and then some front squatting.
They were in a strength routine, so Heather just said to PR.  I hadn't hit a Front Sqaut PR since I was at CF 440 back in December.  I was paired up with Police Officer T was just recovering from surgery.  After some jokes we decided to get going.  Warm Up rounds of 135, 185, 225, & 275.  300 was my PR so I went for 305.  I did 305....twice! T was great and said if I did that I was going to hit 325 like it or not. 
Thanks for the encouragement T, I nailed it!!!  After some more PR's around the gym it was time for the WOD.  4 Rounds 30 KB swings @ 2p, 20 Ball Slams @ 20# & 400m Run.  I finished in just under 15min.  There is a good thing going out there in Reynoldsburg and I'm glad I got the chance to stop.  I'll definately be back again.  Thanks Heather and CFR!
(4/25) Since I had family issues, I made a run back home just to make sure things were going good.  Along the way I had a chance to get off the beaten path and hit the "Switzerland of the MidWest", Sugarcreek, OH the home of Sugarcreek CF (#115). This place was a little different than a normal box, hell it had camping and a tanning bed, bed it was totally cool.  I met some of the clients, mainly women,  and one other guy before the head trainer and owner Harry got there.  Harry is beyond the normal of your average CF trianer.  Harry is 69 years old and has loved CF since he stumbled on it a few years back.  The WOD was "Moore" 15m AMRAP of 1 rope climb, 400m run, and max HSPU; score is HSPU.  I scored a 42, not bad for all head to Ab Mat HSPU. 
After some recovery I was asked to help with deadlift skill work with the ladies. They loved the stretch reflex work and were teasing me about having to do it more now that Harry had seen it.  Thanks for letting me do what I love and if your ever in Sugarcreek, check out SCF!

One last note, I was going to WOD one more time that day at CF Covington.  When I walked in and saw Emily's face light up, I knew something was up.  I wound up teaching two intro classes for her due to Laura speeding down south to see her man fresh off the plane from the desert.  Totally understandable and totally worth it.  Thanks Emily for letting me do what I love.

More travels soon, trying for 3 boxes in one day on Tuesday 5/10.........

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