Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Mexico!!!

                  Here we are once again, ready for an almost cross country trip.  This time I would be flying to New Mexico for the first time ever!  But what fun would a flight be without a long layover!?!?

                (5/17) I had just that!  In fact, I had a 5+ hour layover at DFW.  So I did what any super obsessed CrossFitter would do and I headed to the closest box that was open.  Lucky me, CF Fort Worth East (252) in Bedford, TX, opened a week earlier about 5 miles from DFW.  There I got to meet Darin, owner of CFFWE, and some of his staff.  They were super excited to have their first drop in to the new location, and I was glad to be it.  We quickly got started in the skill/strength of the day, 3x5 of Heavy HPC.  135, 155, 185, 205, & 225 were my lifts.  Not a bad warm up for our upcoming WOD! A 12m AMRAP of a 300m row and 7 thrusters @ 135, which I loved!  I finished up with just into my 8th round.  CFFWE was a nice space in a great location with great trainers.  Totally cool place layover or not, it’s worth the visit.  Thanks Guys!

                Back to the airport I went to meet up with Jenna and continue on our journey to New Mexico.  Once we got there and got out rental car, we headed out to CF Albuquerque or ABQ (253) in Albuquerque, NM.   Here we met tons of great people and a really awesome staff.  There were too many people to name but they were all super motivated and ready to destroy the WOD in front of them;  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 KB swing, K2E, & push-ups (for me) and a 20m AMRAP in a death by style with T2B & HSPU for others.  I needed a break and knowing what was in store I took a bit of the high road and then followed it up with a 90# 400m sled pull.  Jenna did really well and finished very strong.  Totally worth the visit! Thanks for a great time, your box had a great energy and the heat wasn’t as bad as I thought was going to be!

                (5/18)  So Jenna wasn’t up for the early morning fun of CF Sandstorm (254) in Bernalilo, NM.  Here I met Shellie, a retired Army captain, and an all around bad ass chic. There were plenty of military jokes with everyone in class since we were all current or former service members.  After a quick run threw of heavy clean pulls, we got started on our task at hand;  50 mountain climber 15 OHS @ 115, 15 Ring push-ups, 50/12/12, 50/9/9, 50.  Now this was a great way to get the juices flowing on a Friday morning.  Totally had a great time and I could have talked to Shellie for hours.  Thanks for having me! You and your box were awesome and I love the name. 

                Now that Jenna was feeling better and we got some sightseeing in, we headed out to CF Hellbox (255) in Rio Rancho, NM.    By now it’s almost noon and it’s starting to get a bit toasty in the desert!  Here I met Shelby Smith, a former Navy Seal, firefighter and police officer, the owner of CFH.  There was no messing around here, we had a bitch of a workout in front of us and her name was “Barbara”. “Barbara” consists of 5 rounds of 20 pull ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit ups, and 50 squats with a 2min rest after each round.  Shelby and I went head to head Rx and most of the rest of the class was in a scaled version.  Even the pregnant trainer was doing what she could do!!!  Shelby got me in the push-ups but I always seemed to catch him in the squats.  We finished with the best times of the day (22:36) and were happy it was over.  Hellbox lived up to its name and was totally worth the visit.  You are a beast Shelby and your box was an awesome place that really made us feel welcome.  Thanks Again and hope to see you soon!

                From here we headed on to our weekend destination of Santa Fe, NM.  It wasn’t too long before we ran into a whole group of hashers and turned things upside down.  Jenna was drinking in the hot tub and I wasn’t up for that, so I made myself scarce and headed over to Zia CF (256) in Santa Fe, NM.  Here were some fun loving people that had an open gym style approach to a Friday night.  There were things on the white board but no particular order, including a 5-5-3-3-1-1 jerk session, until we got to that WOD.  Here we had 3 rounds of 50 double unders, 10 power cleans @ 135, and 10 alternating hand DB snatches @ 70# in our way.  As we started my rope broke and took almost a solid minute to find another one.  I didn’t let it get to me and got thru the workout in 8:24.  The coaches and crew here were awesome and even had a few beers post WOD.  Thanks for everything, you guys and gals were awesome and very hospitable. 

                (5/19) No I don’t quit, yes I get tired, but no I don’t quit.  So back up and at it we headed over to Undisputed Fitness the home of CF Santa Fe (257) in Santa Fe, NM.  Here Coach Jenna had a fun team WOD in her head and was putting it on the board as we walking in.  150 walking lunges w/25# plate, 50 push-ups, 150 sit ups, 50 pull ups, 150 OHS w/PVC, and a mile run/row.  It was boys verses girls, so 2 on 3.  The boys finished strong with 21:15 while the girls had a little more work to do and finished up in just under 32:00.  The place was pretty cool and most everyone in this class s seemed relatively new.  Coach Jenna was super nice and took her time explaining the movements and standards.  We also had some muscle up practice to contend with as well.  Fun times were had by all and now it’s time for the pool!

(5/21) Things happen and people get lost. Jenna wanted to play in Santa Fe and I wanted to rest up and relax and get ready for what CF Rio Rancho (258) in Rio Rancho, NM had in store for me.  Little did I know that it was hero week at CFRR and “Bulger” was hero 1 for the week.  “Bulger” was 10 rounds of 150m run, 7 C2B pull ups, 7 Front Squats @ 135, & 7 HSPU.  This sucked! Literally at 0930, this workout was ready eat me up.  It was already almost 80 out so bring on the pain!  29m and 6sec later I called time.  I picked myself up and cheered on the only other person in the gym doing this WOD with me…and it was his 2nd WOD ever! CFRR was fun and had a really cool trainer.  Thanks for not killing and reminding me once again why we do what we do. 

            Well back to east coast I go for a few weeks.  Let’s see what kinda local fun I can get into.  Until the next time the road calls my name……

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