Friday, June 15, 2012

Speed Run to Columbus....Again!

                    (5/25)  I only had to work a half day today, so I hit the back roads and took off for my baby cousin Nicole’s high school graduation in Columbus, OH.  Along the way, I got the bright idea to text Jay Younger and see if he was gonna be at his home box, CF New Albany (259) in New Albany, OH, this evening.  He was but early, so I met him post his WOD, planned for mine and then got to work.  We teamed up for this grueling monster, but changed up how we did it.  We were supposed to go WOD 1 while partner did WOD 2, when both were done, we would switch and then do the other.  We decided that 4 rounds of the double would be way harder and way worse.  So for me it was 4rds:

400m run
15 KB swings @ 1.5
2 tire flips (500#)
500m row
10 SOL sit ups
10 Box Jumps 24”

 The divider was the run and the row for us, so my partner started row first.  This was pretty nasty but we finished in 30:46 as a team.  CF New Albany was super nice on their free for all Friday.  They had all ages in there including some future ass kickers from the kids program with us.  Even though we had a step in coach mid class, they both were super smart and very encouraging.  Thanks again, even if was like a million degrees in and out of the box!

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