Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mid Atlantic Regionals 2012

(5/2)  As I headed back to the ‘burgh, I knew I wouldn’t be there for long.  Not for long as in only 2 hours and I would be back on the road and headed for the Mid Atlantic regionals in Prince William County VA.  As always though, I would stop and see some friends along the way, stay too long, crash, get up the next morning, and continue on. 

(5/3) So I packed up and headed south to Titan CF (244) in Timonium, MD.  My good friend from CF York, Lanita, came along for the trip so I wouldn’t be by myself and to get a good lunch time WOD in with me. Here were met by a whole mess of Titan’s!  There were too many to count, really like in 20, but they were all powerful unit.  Here we hit the WOD of 21-15-9 Front Squats @ 115, Burpees and Pull Ups.  I wasn’t feeling so hot but still finished in 10:34. Lanita killed it, finishing about a minute faster than me. TCF had a strong core and you could easily tell their love for the sport and each other.  I even heard someone say “they do everything together.  Eating, drinking, & play, we do it all together!”  Thanks for a great afternoon, you guys were totally worth the visit and I would definitely visit this box again, no questions asked!

After a quick lunch, Lanita headed back to York to get ready for work, and I headed off to Silver Spring, MD to hang with my good buddy Brendan.  Too bad Brendan had to follow the wife’s orders and make her a sammich, so he had to put on his dress and go shopping.  Being left alone only leads me to looking up more boxes and heading out again, this time to CF Silver Spring (245) in Silver Spring, MD.  After a quick warm up with kettlebell walking overhead, the class kinda broke up and did their EZ Strength 2.0.  I was told to do what I wanted, so I deadlifted. Not just any deadlift, 4in deficit deadlift!  I hit 315, 405, & 455 all off the deficit for 4 reps.  Then I did 495 and 505 with no deficit.  Then we got to the WOD: “3 Rounds with Nancy”.  It is exactly what it sounds like, 3 rounds of Nancy.  I finished up in 9:06.  It was fun since there were only 3 of us going, it wasn’t so fun cuz we always had to run up hill!  CFSS was a different experience, but one that I’ve had before.  Visitors seem a bit taken back with the 25 minutes or so of “on your own” time but I had a good time meeting the few member that I met.  Thanks for having me. 

(5/4) After a great morning of regionals action, I wanted to throw some weights around!  So I looked around and found CF Reborn (246) in Bowie, MD.  Here we met Eric Kidwell, owner of CFR.  I say we because the Friday night class consisted of 5 drop-in’s from all over the region.  I think most were from CF Davidson just north of Charlotte, NC.  So after looking at the board we got to work.  4 rounds of farmer carry (I did 95# OH walk) down to the end of the parking lot and back, 12 KB Swings @ 1.5p and 20 30” box step ups.  This was very deceiving, especially the step ups.  We all would much rather have jumped.  Eric was super nice to us all and it was great of him to keep the box open for non members.  Thanks a ton Erik, you have a great space! 

The Regional event was awesome.  I got to judge some of the best talent out there; Jenn Jones, Ben Smith, CF Greensboro, Tonya Wagner, Sean Thompson, Steve Pinkerton, Shanna Duvall, Christina Ruggiero, Michelle Crawford,  CF Invoke, CF Explode, & CF Vitality just to name a few.  I got to work some of the best staff and judges out there: Rob M, Sarah M, Lisa Q, Jess H, JJenny M, Chriss S, Andy H, Andrea S, Boz, and the list could go on for hours.  Thanks to everyone who trusted us to make the best calls possible and have fun doing it.  Always remember “NO REP!”

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