Thursday, May 24, 2012

The rest of my PACNORWEST Trip

(4/30)  I headed out to meet my good friend Rick Sinclair, this time I was a bit early or late
depending on how you look at things, but things always happen for a reason. I was
planning to hit CF Tacoma but traffic and a bathroom break slowed me to a crawl. So
I popped on the ole iPhone and found that CF South Tacoma (240) in Tacoma, WA
was having class and I would actually be early. I got off the interstate, made a few
turns and found myself in their parking lot 15min early. Little did I know what I had
in store…12.3 revisited? I can say that I wasn’t thrilled but I would give it my best
again. My best was just that, I gave it 7rd and 14 reps, exactly the same as the open.
Not thrilled, but hey, it’s what I had in my tank. Overall good review of movements by the morning coach. Not a bad place to visit if you’re in the area. Thanks for having me.

Now off to CF Seattle or Level 4 (241) in Seattle, WA. This is the 1st affiliate outside
of HQ and it was big. We had a huge class of about 20 for the noon session. Here I met
up with my good friend and Masters Games competitor, Rick Sinclair and his son Gabe.
Here we met Scott Takenaga, Director or Training, for CFS. He would be our coach for
the day and lead us thru a lil fun. After some a strict press/pull up cycle, we got ready for
the WOD of 70# farmers carry to the end of the building (@300m) and back, 10 rds of
10 pushups and 10 lungs, then a farmers carry again. The KBs got heavy quick, but we
all pushed thru and I made it in just under the 14m mark. Rick was right behind me and
pushing me the whole way. It was great to WOD with my good friend, see his youngin
again and get to see a great box. Thanks again for the hospitality and I can’t wait to visit
again. Your location may be off the beaten path, but it’s so worth the visit!

After lunch with Rick and Gabe I headed off to meet another Masters Games competitor,
this time it was Janice Spray from CF Bellevue (242) in Bellevue, WA. After finally
waiting for her to get there, the next class had started. So we jumped right in on the
warm up. We then hit the strength portion with some heavy deadlifts. The real fun
didn’t take place though until we hit the WOD. TABATA Pull ups. Lateral jumps and
C&J @ 135. It was a race that Janice won easily! Pull ups (5), Lat Jumps (24) and C&J
(2). She’s a monster, a lil monster, but a monster none the less. I did also meet again,
long story, retired SEAL CPO and owner Dan as well. You place is awesome and I’m
glad I could make it out. Good luck to you as well Ms. Spray as CF Lake Hills gets to
open its doors soon. Thanks again CFB family!

(4/31)  On my last day there, I hit up CF 98110 (243) on Bainbridge Island, WA. I walked in
a bit late due to being lost but was greeted right away by Coach Tony. Once again this
is a small world and I ran into a familiar face, owner and trainer Sal D. Sal was one of
the awesome judges at the 2011 CF Games. I would not have known he was there if he
had not looked down and “saw a big dude in Rogue shorts” as he put it. I met one of
their good Oly lifters and friend of a friend XXX. He was super good friends with my 1st
family in New Hampshire/Maine @ the Risto Weightlifting academy. So we helped the
ladies in this workout of three of my favorite things, double unders, snatches and OHS!
So the WOD was a EMOM of sorts doing 15 DU, 1 snatch, 1 OHS, 15/2/2 etc., going up
in weight each round. I started at 75# and made my way up to 195# and then back down
the ladder to 75#. It was fun 13 rounds and I was exhausted by the end. I had a blast and
the ladies were so much fun to work with. They offer a wide variety of programs and
have a very likable crew. Thanks again Sal for your hospitality.

Well time to get back home and then off to regional’s in the DC area. I should really go
home once in a while

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