Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The beginning of my PACNORWEST trip

(4/26)  So after 2 flight delays and an extra 8 hours, I finally made it to Seattle.  I was a little behind schedule from my original plan so I got a good night's sleep and hit it hard and fast in the morning.

(4/27)  I got up early and headed out to my first box of the day.  Once again, I walked into a box where I just happened to know the owner, L2 staff trainer Jesse Ward. Lynnwood CF (234) in Lynnwood, WA. and Local's gym was where I made my first stop.  I didn't email him so I could surprise him, too bad for me that there really wasn't a class at the time I showed up.  Jeremy was teaching a 1 on 1, so he told me to pick one of the weeks WODs since I did the day's WOD earlier in the week.  The WOD I chose was 4rds of 7 SDHP, 7 Push Ups, & 7 Bent over rows, both at 75#, 3min rest, 3rds/2min rest, 2rds/1min rest, 1rd.  Every set was super intense sets with an almost deceiving rest. All in all I finished up in 10:54.  It was super cool to hang out with Jesse again and his box was super cool.  Thanks for being super inviting and letting me get work done.....

and being "hood" with me!!

I asked a few questions and Jesse pointed me in the way of CF Snomish (235) in Snohomish, WA.  Now this place was very much a family.  They were super friendly from hello and very welcoming.  We all introduced ourselves to one another as the warm up progressed and then reviewed the moves for the WOD.  25m AMRAP of (1) 800m run, 25 deadlifts @ 225, & 20 ring rows.  Looks easy, NO WAY.  We all pushed and cheered one another on till the buzzer went off and time was called.  Finished up with 3 rounds Rx and I felt beat!  Everyone helped each other immensely and no one was left behind.  Friendship and family rang out here at CFS.  Thanks for having me you all were amazing.  Sorry I didn't get to meet Jeff and Charity though, I've heard they were two awesome owners. 

Back to the house for a quick nap and then off to CF Mukilteo (236) in Mukilteo, WA.  They were actually just moving into their new space this past weekend, so I was lucky to find them, hell I was the first drop in to the new facility. Here I met Josh and a small piece of his crew.  After a quick tour, we got down to work.  4rds of 50' walking lunges with a 45# plate overhead and 25 HR push ups.  This was a short burner but it was fun with the 3 other students that day.  Finished up in 6:38, with most everyone else close behind. Their wasn't much coaching needed here, just good solid encouragement.  I had fun at MUK and am looking forward to seeing how the new place goes.  Good Luck and thanks for having me. 

For the last WOD of the night, I headed off down the road to CF Advantage (237) in Mukilteo, WA. There I met up with my good friend Molly Moore, her coach Cody, and I whole mess of good athletes who were ready to get down to work.  We warmed up with some junkyard dogs and a bit of stretching and then headed into our movement review for the WOD ahead of us.  "Amanda", the 1st female hero WOD, was in store for us and there is "no whining" about hero WODs.  Amanda consists of 9-7-5 Muscle ups and 135/95# squat snatches.  We all took off like bats outta hell and went non stop till we were done.  I finished up with a PR of 9:23, not bad for my 4th WOD today.  I really liked how you guys went over the movements and the scaling so that everyone did their own version of this WOD.  I had a great time and it was definitely worth it the visit.  Thanks for having me.  Your guys and girls were great!

Well Day 1 in the books.  To bed early, then off to Portland, OR for state number 41!

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