Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Rainy Day in the 'Burgh

4/21  So I was finally home on a Saturday and decided to checkout a new, old, box in town.  CF Shadyside (233) here in Pittsburgh, PA.  I took my good buddy Liz along with me, I figured since she's always in the area with her boyfriend, Jack, it'd be good for her to check out the box.  After the basics and meeting Dave, again, we stretched out and went over the WOD, "Jack".  Quite fitting for Liz, but "Jack" was a 20m AMRAP of 10 Push Press @ 115, 10 Box Jumps @ 24" and 10 KB Swings at 1.5p.  Finished up 9rds and 2 Push Press.  Not a bad way to start a Saturday morning, if I say so morning if I say so myself. 

I also met Mike, one of the other trainers at CFS.  We actually got to talk a bit after my class and Mike apologized for me not being able to do this earlier.  I had stopped in before and met Dave, due to the rebirth of CFS, there was no great time to get in there.  CF Shadyside is up and coming and looks to be a force in the near future. Knowledgeable trainers and a great crew are a keys to success and they found it there at CFS.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon. 

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