Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Driving home from Easter

(4/9)  Well as life would have it, I would have another day off to turn a 5 hour drive into a almost 16 hour trip.  First stop along the way was Practice CF (230) in Troy, OH.  I was a little confused due the crazy green door but I found my way and met Coach Ryan and the ladies of the 0900 class.  Here waiting for us was "Zimmerman" a 25min AMRAP of 11 C2B Pull Ups, 2 deadlifts @ 315, and 10 HSPU.  Needless to say, we were all gonna pay for any self imposed damages done at Easter dinner. I think I got thru just over 9 or so rounds of this beast, which was way more than I thought I would get in the beginning.  Everyone here was super cool and they even went and played on the wall afterwards.  Definitely a great place to "play" and learn with at least one super cool coach. 

I left Practice CF and headed north for an open gym session at CF Findlay (231) in Findlay, OH.  I got there to a descent space and the ability to do my own training from home.  There weren't many people there, maybe 3, but we all were getting work done.  One guy one some power lifting stuff, 2 girls on the days metcon and I was hitting heavy front squats, GHD sit-ups, and some pressing.  After I was done with my work, I helped out member Dustin to refine his muscle ups.  I say refine, but I basically tweaked one piece of it and moments later, he smashed through and hit not only one, but came back for another right after.  I had a good time here and would have love to have met owner and firefighter, John Robb.  Next time sir and thank you for letting me do work!  You have a great space. 

Now off toward home, but first a quick stop on to Comet CF (232) in Elyria, OH.  I was a bit early, so I got to hangout with Dan and Randy White, owners of CCF.  When class finally got started we wasted no time getting into our WOD of 5rd of 10 HSPU, 20 Burpees and a 400m run.  After the morning that I had at Practice, I scaled back to 3rds alternating each round with either 10 HSPU, 10 Chest clap and 10 clapping push ups.  My arms were shot and I'm sure I was low on anything resembling energy, but I popped tall and cheered on the rest of the members of the class.  I even hung around and helped out with the next class.  Momma White even fell victim to my tricks and PR'd a 5 rep deadlift at 150#,  Oh yeah, she is 50 years young!  The video is on my facebook page, BTW.  All in all Comet CF is a great place to go with really awesome members and cool trainers.  They even had a giant playpen area with kiddie weights.  Thanks for having me and I hope you get that new trainer soon.  You guys rocked!

I left and head over to Progressive field to watch the Indians get beat by the White Sox. Took off during the 7th inning stretch and got home only, 16ish hours after I left.

Well I'm home for a few weeks and then I'm off to the west coast to visit Seattle and Portland.  Then Baltimore for the Mid Atlantic regional and Toronto for the Canada East regional.  I'm gonna be a busy boy!

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