Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012

(4/6) As always I made my way toward Cincinnati to see the folks and as always, I stopped in the Columbus are to get a WOD in.  First I ended up at CF 161 (227) in Pataskala, OH.  There tucked behind a combined MMA/Power lifting facility was the area for CF 161.  We talked a lot training and a growing box and then we got to work. 3x5 SDHP working up to a heavy set was the skill.  I worked up to a 185# set, twice.  Then got to the WOD of 15-12-9 of 95# SDHP and Tuck Jumps.  Not a super hard WOD, (:94sec) since they were still a bit beat from the day before.  This box was small, but has great potential.  Great coach and eager students, looking forward to their growth with more experience. Check them out if your in the area.  Thanks for having me.

(4/7) Finally made it home, then headed right back out with Jenna Miller. This time off to Chase-N-Grace CF (228) in Eaton, OH.  This was very much a family friendly environment.  Combined with a power lifting facility, C-n-G had a great little niche in their community.  C-n-G are the names the Eversole children.  It was a small class setting but we still got work done.  We teamed up with someone from the box and got to work.  My partner for this was Momma Eversole and did she ever enjoy the push.  The WOD consisted of:
200 single unders or 70 DU then 100 Squats
200 single unders or 70 DU then 80 Push Press @ 65/45
200 single unders or 70 DU then 60 Pull Ups
200 single unders or 70 DU then 40 Burpees

Singles and doubles were done together then while one worked, the other held plank.  We finished strong @ 26:06.  Everyone else was close behind in this brutal workout.  The saying "A family that trains together, stays together" was totally talking about C-n-G CF.  Thanks for having us, we had a blast.  If your in their area, shoot them a line and get work done with them!

Yes, I'm doing a double on Saturday.  Yes, it's another Team WOD.  No, Jenna didn't not have two in her.  Yes, this was worse than the last one.  We sped 40min south to Vigor CF (229) in Moraine, OH to do all of the above.  Here I met Jason and his crew for their form of Saturday fun.  No frills here, we got warmed up, hit a quick 800m run and then paired off.  I was with Jason for this killer of:

250 Double Unders
50 Wall Walks
100 Toes to Bar
800m Run
10,000K Squat Clean

One person worked, one person rested.  This sucked no matter how you sliced it, but we got it done in 27:57.  If your wondering it's 74 Squats cleans @ 135! I enjoyed this dose of dirty and would come back in no time!  When in the Dayton Area, this is the man you want to kick your ass!

I headed over to Rogue to pick up some toys, ate some BBQ and then headed home for a great dinner with my family.  I only hope the car ride home can be this much fun!

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