Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going places

So I decided against my better judgement and headed south to somewhere I've actually never been in life...ARKANSAS!!!!  I could give you a million reasons why I never made it to Arkansas, but I don't really have a good one.

It was getting dark as I got there, but sparks were about to fly, LITERALLY!!!!!!!!  I made to CF Natural State (218) in Jonesboro, AR just as the previous class was finishing up.  I met Coach Bryan when I got there and we chatted while we warmed up.  Pretty cool dude, really inviting place.  The WOD wasn't long by any means but it was fun.  3 rds of 50m sled pulls with 90# & 5 or 6 (depending on tire) flip and jumps.  Each round was separate, so that the other heat could go at the same time, which was cool cuz you could put everything into each round.  I said sparks were flying and they were from the metal sled on the pavement!  It's hard to explain but there was a turn, a turn around and a turn in the runs which made for crazy side step sprints and wide turning sleds!  Super fun wod with (2) 6 flips and (1) 5 flip, I'll take it.  We also found out 12.1 and did a few practice reps.  I know it wasn't a crazy wod, but this box was super inviting and totally worth the drive.  Thanks for having me!

I headed off into the darkness toward Memphis, called up my buddy CJ and found some Memphis BBQ.  Few shots of tequila back at the house and then shower and bed.  Up early for what was about to be a long ass day!!

I got up super early and headed 15 min south to Desoto CF (219) in Southaven, MS. This was a pretty good sized class for 6am, but hey, I'm used to it.  We did some strict pressing (I know, I just did it the other day) but got 175x3 today.  Then we were divided up, then sent on our way for "Tailpipe" 3 rds of 250m, while your partner stands behind you in the rack position with 2, 1.5p Kettlebells.  Each person has to row 3x!  I don't remember my partners name, but I know it was a race to the finish with us and the team to our left.  I think we beat them by 4 sec and finished overall in 6:08.  I did get to hang and talk for a bit, which was cool.  Overall good time and definitely worth the jump to Mississippi for a lil fun.  Thanks!!!

I said this was gonna be a long ass day!  I headed east toward 'Bama (ROLL TIDE!)  in search of a box to cross AL off the states list.  After a brief stop at Waffle House for some steak, eggs and bacon and a pass thru the town where they make bumper plates, I made it to Florence, AL and home of CF Shoals (220).  This place had it's own facility to include a 200m track, awesome!! After some basics, Brad showed us the wod and we got set up.  21 Deadlifts at BW (did 225), 200m farmer carry with 15# plates (pinching, no grab or fingers in holes), 15 DL / 400m, 9 DL / 600m.  It was so nice there that it was a pleasure going outside.  Finished up in 12:45 which was pretty good.  Class was small but it was 12:45.  Totally an out of the way, nothing is TOO loud for the neighbors, kinda place which totally made it worth it.  Thanks B for the hook up and I hope to get my back back soon :)
Yes, I was that guy who left there WOD bag at a gym in Alabama.  If I'm ever back in UA (Upper Alabama) I'm totally coming back! 

So here's why else this was a really long day... I went to Huntsville to meet up with Tyler, who I'd hadn't seen since he got out of the Navy. Talked and caught up for a hour or so. 

Drove to Chattanooga to do WOD 3, but forgot the time difference and was late by an hour, kept driving thru to Knoxville, missed some friends there because of Gall Stones, and then kept driving all the way to BFE VA by 2230/2300.  Up early to see the Gorge in WV, lunch with Meghan and her friend in Fairmont, then home for a nap and 12.1.  All in all, I had a great few days.  Till the next time.  

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