Thursday, April 12, 2012

Saturday Drive to Erie, PA

So I needed to get out of the 'burgh for a day, so I called up Mari P and we headed up to visit our friends at CF FBO (222) in Erie, PA.  After we went across the tracks and down some streets that ended, we finally got there.  Our friend Amanda Watkins lives 5 minutes away and was 40 minutes late, so she missed the team workout Lumpy had in store for us.  So we drew chips from my hat for partners, Mari was with Erin and I was with Zack.  After the demo, we got started on this monster WOD of:

2000m Row
20 C2B Pull Ups
30 Box Jumps
40 SDHP w/1.5p KB
50 V Ups
60 Supermans
70 Laterall Jumps
80 Air Squats
90 Double Unders
100 Partner Med Ball Tosses
and a 2000m Row

This WOD had a few stipulations though: 400m row, switch, 400m, then finish how you want,  1 person works at a time, and if you dropped the med ball it was 5 burpees right then. 

Zack finished the last 600m of the row....I took out the pull ups....split the jumps, SDHP, and V ups....crushed the supermans and the lateral jumps.....air squats were even....Zack no like Doubles so I took most of those except for a few tuck jump drops.....Zack pull his ass off on the row.  we finished in 31:57, Mari and Erin was just around 40m.  It was a crusher and I'm glad we made the trip. 

We actually had so much fun, we stayed around and cheered on their go at Games Wod 12.3.  Thanks for having us Lumpy, we surely will be back.  If your in the Erie area, go see the Animals!

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