Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Arnold Classic 2012

This is one crazy event, I was actually a bit overwhelmed by all the giant traps, tri's, heels, and paint.  I've never been here before and I guess I didn't expect all this.  The expo floor was nuts with people pan handling products and little competitions. After a relatively quick pass thru the floor, I found my way out and over to the Olympic lifters.  Pure skill and power was awesome to watch, just wished I wouldn't had missed my good friend Gwen Sisto lift on Sunday night.  So Friday was quick and I headed out to see friends, but I'd be back for some Saturday afternoon fun. 

I said afternoon because of a lil fun was to be had at Always Forward CF (221) in Granville, OH.  It was a little tucked away, but I found it!  So after a quick waiver and introduction to Coach's Traci and Dianne , we got right to work with "The Other Total".  A 1RM of an Overhead Squat, a Power Clean, and a Bench Press.  So we round and round with each lift and ended with a 240 OHS (PR), a 265 Clean (Tied PR), and a 250 Bench (PR).  Each lift was awesome and totally surprising.  Everyone I worked with did amazing and I'm thankful to have gotten to work with you guys! 

I did get a chance to meet the owner, Craig, since he was teaching the next class.  I had a great time a AFCF and I'm sorry I moved the mat.  Thanks for having me, it was a great time!

Now back to the Arnold!!!!!

I watched some great athletes tackle Games Wod 12.2. Bailey, Froning, Fory, Uranker, Ackenwalde, Akinwale, Clever, Foucher, and the list goes on and on.  Atheltes that you may not know as well 
like Jim Crowell, Jay Younger, Brain Yoak, Toni West and more also performed their hearts out for the crowds.  Great job to everyone!!!  I also to hang with some good friends like Jess Hofherr, CF FBO, Rich James, "Moose", and made a few new ones in Kristen, Pam and Portsmouth Barbell.  I even got to do a one handed attempt at 12.2 (30reps) with Kristen Clever and a 10 rep BW thruster contest with Rob Orlando and some of CrossFit's top athletes, I had the most weight at 215, thanks ROB! I had a blast a felt super at home around everyone.  If you were there, it was great seeing you, if not you missed out!  Here's some pics, go next year!

Elizabeth Akinwale and Me

Jay Younger about to kill it!

Toni West

One handed Snatches!

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