Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kinda working....

(3/12)  I got sent back to Central PA for work.  Only this time I had a bit more time to visit and go places more than once.  I headed over to 13 Stripes CF (223) in Harrisburg, PA to meet up with Jeremy and Mike.  I met Jeremy a day or so earlier at Integrated Fitness for his Olympic Lifting Cert and I was redoing Games WOD 12.3.  I bring it up because of the WOD programmed took another toll on the legs and hips.  21-15-9 of 24" Box Jumps, Front Squats and Overhead Squats @ 45#.  This was murder on the hips but a fun burner in 5:25.   I also was there on "Eva" day but sat it out with 12.4 on the horizon. 

The place is new but Jeremy is a an awesome coach.  With power lifting champion Mike helping run things, they will be a force in no time.  This was totally worth the visit if your in the area or even if your in the surrounding area.  Thanks for having me and I look forward to coming back! 
(3/15) I decided to give CF Chupacabra (224) in Lancaster, PA a second chance.  The first attempt 6 months earlier didn't go so well, but hey, I'm a forgiving kinda guy....usually.  This time I met owner Matt and talked about my previous experience.  After we cleared everything up and did some waivers, we got to work on our skill set of strict presses...Heavy!  Ended out with a top end set of 175x5.  Then we got down to our unconventional yet awesome 7 round WOD of 10 Burpees and 7 Deadlifts @ 275 with a 2min rest between each round.  This made for a super intense 30ish second interval set.  Total overall time was 3:42 (33/31/32/31/33/31/31)  I had a much better time this go around.  Matt is a good coach and is doing good things in Lancaster.  Check him out if you get the chance.  Thanks for having me Matt. 

This trip I also got to hit up one of my favorite boxes, CF York in York PA.  I judged and did Games WOD 12.4 getting thru 6 muscle ups.  Awesome place, thanks Darren for running things with Rusty outta town.

As of writing this, I actually made it back to 13 Stripes to work with Jeremy some more.  The box is growing by leaps and bounds.  Almost 100 members between all there programs.  Great Work guys!

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