Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Portland, OR

(4/28)  Like many of my random Saturday's I'm up early and on the road.  This time, I'm headed south and taking out a new state on the list.  I headed down to Oregon to visit two boxes.  First stop was to CF Portland (238).  There was a photo shoot going on during our class so we took to the streets.  The 101 and the 201 classes went head to head in a little prowler pushing action.  We made teams of two inside our groups for this game.  So one member pushed the prowler up the hill to the cone and then back down, then passed  the prowler off to their partner for the straight away and back to start. Each set of us had to do 5 sets, so 201 had 15 total runs while 101 were teams of three and did 12 runs total.  We all worked are asses off and finished up with the fastest time of the day with just over 31min.  Everyone was totally cool and we all had a blast together.  I didn't get much time to talk with many of the coaches but I did talk to Xi for a few moments before class.  He was pretty cool and even mailed me back my sun glasses.  Thanks CFPDX for a great time, your people are pretty awesome. 

After the fun runs and dropping off the other Drop In and my partner for the day off at her temp residence.  Then headed south to CF Woodstock (239).  This wasn't a pretty box by any means, but could they move weight!  The class was packed with all skill levels and we all had the same goal in mind.  There was also a lifting class going on at the same time, which I kinda wanted to be part of.  I helped a few of the girls with a little technique but all in all they were pretty solid.  Back to class though, we had a beast in front of us.  5 rounds of 400m farmers carry with 1.5p, 20 V-ups, and 3 rope climbs.  I was a bit trashed in the legs, so I knocked it down to 4 rounds and finished up in around 25min or so.  I had a good time and people here were very supportive of one another.  Thanks CFW for a good time and fun WOD.

Rest, recovery and sightseeing day tomorrow.  Back at it on Moday.  Take care allz!

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