Sunday, May 19, 2013

Acernus & CDI

(2/7) After I left my boys at Big Fish, I headed to south to prepare for a competition in Lancaster PA.  Not too far from there is Amish country and CF Acernus (333) in Lebanon, PA. Here we met one of our really good friends and blog regular, Lanita.  I was her partner for the competition, so we figured we could get a little work in before it went down.  After we met the coach, we warmed up on our own and then went over the WOD.  5 rounds of 10 Burpee pull ups, 9 Clusters @ 95#, & 15 KB swings @ 1.5p.  We both finished pretty well ahead of the class (19:05 & 22:10) but not without feeling a bit off.  They began to give me shit for taking my shirt off, they may have been joking, but I was wasn't too sure. The other thing was they told me to do jumping pull ups mid WOD once he realized that I was making them single kipping pull ups after each burpee.  After we cheer everyone to the end we had talked for a few and he was very proud of the fact the "Lebanon Levi" of TV fame was a member there.  I hope you succeed in the small town, I'm glad Lanita was there to make it fun.

After a fun competition where we came in 24th, we celebrated with a good dinner and lots of sleep!  I could not leave town without seeing our friend Lisa and Darren's newest creation, CF CDI (334) in York, PA.  No class, just four friends squatting it out!  Front Squats & Back Squats 5-5-3-3-1-1, no racks, just boxes stacked on top of one another.  They have already moved to a new location, and growing steadily.  Thanks for a a little Sunday Funday and glad to see Lisa get her butt back in the gym. 


Time to get back home before the 30 day road trip begins!

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