Sunday, May 19, 2013


(2/15) I had travelled passed this area many times during my transition period and never noticed the Keystone Health Club.  Inside this hidden gem is the home of CF KSX (335) in East Pittsburgh, PA.  Here I met Diane, head coach at KSX.  After some warm up, we did some L sit holds for time and then got ready got the workout.  21-15-9 of walking lunges with a 135# barbell alternated with 3-2-1 of 100' sets of burpee broad jumps.  This was a fun WOD right up my alley.  I finished quick and began to cheer on the others, what I didn't know was the GM of KHC was in the class too.  I don't think she liked me too much since I cheered her on when she didn't want to do the burpees and I was a bit loud when she decided that she had had enough and went back to her lunges.  It happens, sorry.  Thanks for a fun afternoon! 

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