Sunday, May 12, 2013

All Heart & Everhard

(2/3/13) This morning led me to meeting CrossFit games competitor Lisa Shiu.  I found myself a little late due to the weather but none the less I made it All Heart CF (326), in Kent, OH. Since I was a little late I missed the time for strength portion of clean and jerks so I just got ready for the WOD on the board.  We had 5rds of 6 C&J @ 165 and 30 double unders.  We all finished strong between 6 and 15 minutes, I think I was around 7 or so.  Overall I had a great time and was gladly welcomed by Lisa and Charlie. Thanks for the great morning and sorry I was late!

After I left AHCF, I headed over to see the NFL Hall of Fame.  As always, I got a little side tracked and found myself at the front door of Everhard CF (327), in Canton, OH.  I met one of the guys I was with from the CF Strongman cert, Corey.  Corey was a coach and an owner here at ECF.  After our group warm up we got into a 3x5 back squat.  I did well hitting 225-175-315-335-345, with 345 being a 3rep PR.  There was also a tabata running & burpee WOD. I forget the due to not writing it down and being a bit overwhelmed lately.  Ken, the other owner did eventually show, I got to see one my other strongman peeps.  Thanks for a great time and I lool forward seeing the expansion you had planned.

So I know this is way late, but vacations can be great and no one wants stuck on a keyboard.  Paradise is great and I'm deploying soon.  I'll have plenty of time to catch up soon, Aloha!!!!!!!!

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