Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crooked River, Ctown, & Cleveland

(2/5) I started my day by traveling north to Crooked River CF (328) in Mayfield Heights, OH.  I really can only say one word: "FRAN" I had walked into Fran day.  We all know how it is, how it sucks.  I PR'd with a 3:19 but only a 4 sec PR.  I had a blast, we were all left gasping for air and wanting more. Thanks for a fun morning!

I took my afternoon drive to Ctown CF (329) in Cleveland, OH.  Here I met an old FaceBook friend and strongman cert partner in Carl Dei.  Carl is the owner of Ctown and a pretty cool dude.  After our warm up we worked on the Shankle complex: 2 heavy shrugs, 1 hang squat clean, and 2 jerks.  135, 165, 185, 205, 235, 245 were solid for never doing this before.  Our wod that day was a 12m EMOM alternating 2 squat snatches at 165 and 6 burpees.  Totally fun and totally taxing post Fran.   Ctown was a blast and Carl was amazing.  Thanks for hosting me and again, I'm sorry about the pink.

Now on my way to my third location, I was looking at my GPS and hit a pothole.  Not any pothole, a Cleveland sized pothole.  I bent my rim, got a flat, no big deal.  Big deal was that there was not a jack to put the donut on.  Then Enterprise had me pay for the tire to get fixed.  Good thing I knew the owner of the local Enterprise so I got my rental free after everything.

I finally made it to CF Cleveland (330) in Rocky River, OH.  Here I met up with an old buddy in Mr. Bill Russell.  I first met him way back around box 90 since he co-owns another local area box.  I told him the story, he laughed a bit and then we got right to work on "Gwen" 15-12-9 of unbroken clean & jerk sets.  I did them all at 135#.  It was fun and something I should have gone heavier with.  I like the new space and happy to see that you had to expand.  Good luck and thanks for being super hospitable to me!  Great seeing you again too.

Well I'm back at it, more to come as soon as I find the time! 

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