Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun Week in Ohio PT1 - Independence, Strongman and Cuyahoga

So I got a week off from work so I headed over to visit my friend Anne and help her out for the week until Ed got home.  This also gave me a great chance to check out a few boxes in the area. 

 (2/1) My first stop of the week would be at CF Independence (324) in Independence, OH.  Here I met Joel Woods, he wasn’t coaching this class, but I did see him when I came into class. Coaches for the day were Scott and Amber I believe.  We started this class off right….with a little friendly 5 minutes of dodge ball. Basic rules applied but with 5 burpees to get back in.  Totally a great way to get the blood flowing!  We had three parts to this class after dodge ball: 3x3 OHS, Snatch EMOM, and “Annie”.  OHS was kept light, 135, 155, & 175.  The snatches were the same weights as the OHS, but a 5m EMOM of 5 @ 135, 5m EMOM of 3 @ 155, & a 5m EMOM of 1 @ 175…oh and if you let go of the bar it was 10 burpees.  This was fun, but time seemed to fly between sets.  As for Annie, I felt her for a few days after, but I got the PR in 5:36.  I had a great time, the predominant class of ladies kicked ass and I had a blast.  CFI had a great space and they seemed to really be having a great time.  Thanks for having me!!


(2/2) I can’t write much….all I can say is that CF Akron hosted one hell of good CF STRONGMAN CERT.  I think I was sore and battered for a few days after!

(2/3)  Sunday is usually a day of rest but not at Cuyahoga CF (325) in Broadview Heights, OH. CCF is inside of Peak Performance.  The area where CF is held has to share airwaves with the spin class, which means that CF usually loses out to some 1980s hair bands or to 1990s dance or hip hop.  Neither which was going to help us take on Fight Gone Bad! Head coach John Collis went over the order of attack for everyone, reviewed some moves and then started the countdown.  FGB ended just as fast as it started, it seemed like those 17 minutes flew by.  After we cleaned up, we called out scores (323) and most everyone ran for the door.  CCF seemed to me like more of a health club that offered a class vice a CF box.  I’m not knocking them by any means, but I believe you need more freedom and choice in your practice.  Thanks for everything, I actually PR’d from the last time I did it. 

The weekend is over, now it time to get serious....

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