Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CF U-Town #318

(1/12/13)  My good friend Kelly was in town and was looking for something different to do today.  So we headed down south a ways to check out one of the newest boxes in the area, CrossFit U-Town (318) in Uniontown, PA.  Here we met Jason Tungate, owner and head coach of CFU.  We were a bit early so we got to see what was in store for us in a few moments.  (3) 6min AMRAPS of a 200m run and max Wall Balls then 6m rest.  This was pretty cool because everyone was racing to get back to the wall.  There were a lot of wall balls done that day and I’m proud to say I hit over 100 in the first set. 104, 89, 85 were my rounds, not too bad.  After class we worked with some people on some skills and then talked for a bit.  CFU has some pretty strong people, all I can tell them is to be patient and not just got lift heavy when you cannot do something.  Thanks for having us! 

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  1. Good times :-) I hit 92-90-85 on the wall balls but I am sure a few of those were "no reps" according to Coach Mike! I am up for a traveling WOD anyday!