Friday, February 1, 2013

Home - Calibrated & Anax

(12/26/12)  Today we got an epic snow storm in Cincinnati.  People could not or would not drive in this crap.  Well I’m not normal people, so I headed out to an open gym session at Calibrated CrossFit (309) in Mason, OH.  I kind of expected this but I was the only one there.  I was given the room and told to play whatever I wanted.  I took to my normal programming that day and hit a 2x20 back squat at 175 & 275.  Then I hit a 5x5 Deadlift 155, 245, 335, 415, & 435.  Finally I hit a 2x20 bench of 115 and 165.  I was kinda bummed I did not get to meet the owner, but I did meet his partner.  They had a program much like we do at home at Integrated Fitness, only with different rooms.  I enjoyed to solitude and the lifts, wish I could have gotten a better feel of the community there.  Oh well, next time!  Thanks for letting my play!

The weather cleared a bit so I headed over to the DMV to get new tags for the Jeep. Too bad it was really close to CrossFit Anax (310) in Cincinnati, OH. I went in and saw the previous class hitting a chipper.  I did not get that luxury though.  The class did their back squat portions and I helped the girls out before I got a slap in the face with the WOD. “HEAVY GRACE” HG is painful no matter how you slice it. 30 Clean and jerks @ 225 is how the game is played.  I was the only one going Rx, so I figured a goal was to just finish it.  I took my time, all 19:59 of it.  I did it, no misses. It was brutal and I was wrecked.  The class was nice, some people cheered on others.  I had a good time at Anax.  It’s not fancy but it gets the job done and I’m glad I made the stop.  I even ran into my friend Sarah’s boss who was hitting the WOD with me. 

Well time to get the tags.  Let’s see what our ride home has in store.

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