Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas Eve - Buckeye and Conjugate

(12/24/12)  Like always, I can never just go straight home. So I made my usual stop in Columbus, this time at Buckeye CF (307) in Columbus, OH. Here I met John Lovins & Jason Merrick, owners and trainers at BCF.  After some intros and stretching we started on finding a split jerk number.  Being pretty early and after driving 3 hours, I stopped at 245#.  From this number we took a percentage for use in our WOD.  50 air squats, 10 G2OH 155#, 10 Bar Facing Burpees, 40/8/10. 30/6/10, 20/4/10, 10/2/10.  This was very taxing, 14 min of fun taxing!  John and Jason were always walking the room and being very encouraging to everyone.  BCF had a great atmosphere and everyone I talked to loved to be there.  I had a great time at Buckeye and I would go back without a doubt.  Thanks for having me guys, totally a class act.

Back in the car……Fueled up the body…..where should I go…..home…..


Of course not, I headed over to see my good friends Shane and Laura Sweatt and get a sneak peak at CF Conjugate (308) in Blue Ash, OH.  They were awesome and let me have the whole room to myself while the big boys lifted in the main Sweatt Shop area.  I got to work with some 5-5-3-3-1-1 front squats with a muscle up between each set.  It was fun; I worked up to around 305#. Not a max, but was still good to squat.  The big guys were intrigued with what I was doing; either that or they wanted to look at the idiot on the rings.  I did get one of them to hit their muscle up though.  Laura said they try often but never hit them.  CFC is gonna be awesome! Shane and Laura have made a major investment into the fitness community and I can only see them growing and expanding in no time.  Thanks for always being so nice and generous when I roll in. Love you both!



Christmas time and Rest day….back at it on 12/26!  Hope everyone had happy holidaze!

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