Monday, February 25, 2013

El Paso Pt 1 - El Paso West, Get Lifted, & 915 West


Wow life is flying by and things are stacking up.  Now I’m moving to Hawaii.  I’m taking this night to catch up on life, blogging and whatever else I may need to do.

 (1/17) On a recommendation from my friend Molly, I headed out to El Paso, TX to hangout for the weekend.  She lives on the west side, so it gave me an array of boxes to check out.  My first stop was to CF El PasoWest (318) where I met Ernesto.  It was an off day at CFEP due to the box getting an award that evening.  It must have been big because Ernesto’s new Iphone was blowing up during the warm up and mobility portions of class. We went in to do dumbbell shoulder presses for strength and I showed him how to silence it so he could pay attention to class.  As we finished up the presses, we actually got a different coach so that he could go and attend.  So we got into the workout at hand.  It was a burner of 15 clean and jerks at 135#, 15 push ups, 15 burpees and a 200m run.  I was pretty much a sprint to get and I was happy to finish in just less than 3m.  I think it was an off night and that CFEP wasn’t always that way.  Congrats on the award. 
(1/18)  I hit up a wonder beast of this morning at Get Lifted CF (319).  This was the final workout of the OC Throwdown.  30 Wall Balls, 15 snatches @ 135, 30 WB, 12 snatches @ 155, 30 WB, and 9 snatches at 185 were what I had in front of me.  As I looked at this task, Coach Mike Abeel just smiled and said take it one step at a time and have fun.  I did great until the 185 snatches.  I have not been able to do heavy snatches since I got hurt, but I powered thru them.  I think it was just less than 20m but I did not quit and I finished.  Thanks for the great time.  Your crew seemed to have fun running in the “cold” that morning.  You all were super nice to me and I’m glad I could be comic relief. I would come visit again anytime!

After some time with my friends, I went to visit the ladies of CF 915 West (320).  I say ladies because this is where I met the owner Kim, my trainer Iris, and another trainer Jessika.  All of the ladies were awesome and totally motivating.  I was with two newer members, so there was a lot of explanations and teaching beforehand. Our WOD was an AMRAP of 250m rows, 2p Kettle Bell swings and 155# push presses. It was a totally fun night, even with the 50 burpee cash out for time.  Overall, 915 West was great and I think they will soon rival there East location.  Thanks for the great time, you all were beyond awesome!

Two more WODs before I leave El Paso!!


  1. Pleasure having you there, thank you! That day we recieved the award for best CrossFit gym in the city for 2012! (definitely an off day for us) but hope you had fun, we hope to see you again and thaks for helping me with my phone, hehe

  2. Thanks for coming in! Its always great to have people like you come in! If you are ever in El Paso again, make sure to stop by (maybe we will up it to 100 burpees just for you)!! Best of luck with your travels!! *Iris

  3. No prob, iPhone rookies always need help. Congrats on Best Gym in El Paso! I did have fun, thanks!

    Iris, I hate burpees but I'll do the 100 if you and Jessika do them with me!