Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Orleans!!! Crescent City, Launch, & Elmwood

(12/29/12) Well I still have no clothes, good thing I had a clean shirt in my bag!  So I took that bag and headed over to the West Bank to make good on a promise.  Here I found myself at Crescent City CF (315) in Gretna, LA. CCCF treated me like family when I walked in the door.  Very cool and laid back with a whole lotta love.  Literally, I think I have a dozen or so hugs by then end of class.  I first met Lyle T. and David C., they were talking and welcomed me as I walked in.  I then met Marshall C. who was preparing for his workout.  I finally met Ms. Anne T. after she finished up doing what looked to be 1,000 or so walking lunges (400m worth).  After more and more people piled into class, we all finally headed back into the dungeon.  Here we had a massive group warm up.  The girls that were in the lane with me and around me were awesome, they were also pretty booty-ful as they put it.  We then paired off for the fun that was in store for us.  My partner, who’s name I never got, was 17 and never done CF before.  No worries though, he had a good coach.  We started with a team 2K row, then a 200m run, 50 box jumps, 200m run, 50 ball tosses over the pull ups bar, 200m run, 50 K2E, 200m run, and finally 50 burpees.  We worked together, never got too far behind and even took the lead for a few moments.  We finished in 21:57 but more importantly, we had a blast doing it.  I really hope he comes back to CCCF.  After the WOD we played with some stones and hung out and a few of us even went to breakfast after.  CCCF was a blast and more importantly they made it fun.  I did get to spend a few extra hours with Marshall and Anne later in the week as well, seeing the Saints play the Panthers.  Thanks for that.  Overall, the Crescent City family was amazing to me.  I could not have asked for a better time.  If you’re in Nola or even close to it, GO! Do not question me on this one.  Ask Cheryl Parker, she did and loved it! 
(12/31/12)  So on my last workouts of the year, I took Anne’s advice and headed across the causeway and visited CF Launch (316) in Mandeville, LA. The place was uniquely set next to a Curves type gym, in fact I thought that the gaggle of ladies walking the 400m run cul-de-sac were all from CFL.  I was wrong though.  Launch had something fun in store today.  After a creative warm up, that included cart wheels, we hit a 7x1 thruster.  Working up nicely, I hit 195 and then got ready to meet “Helen”.  I had not done her in a while, but was ready for a PR.  Helen is 3rds of a 400m run, 21KB swings and 12 pull ups.  I did it in 9:14 and got a PR by :12 sec.  Everyone here was super nice and they even invited me to their box party that night.  It was totally worth the drive and I would go back without a doubt.  Thanks for having me and thanks for the recommendation.
Well, I was not quite ready to drink yet so I headed to the last place I knew I could get a workout in before the festivities would start, CF Elmwood (317) in Elmwood, LA.  Here I met Laura Netterville, a little spitfire and part of the Crescent City family.  After a warm up and some room rearranging, we tackled an oldie but a good, 11.5. 11.5 was a 20 min AMRAP of 5 power cleans at 145, 10 T2B and 15 Wall Balls.  This was rough but everyone did awesome.  I was happy to have Justin to go at it with. We were really close throughout the entire 20m.  I finished better than the last time I did it but over a round hitting 9rounds and the power cleans.  CFE was fun and Laura was a great person to talk to.  I would recommend CFE to anyone, and if you are really good, there is a drive thru daiquiri place just around the corner! 

Well 2012 ended with me hitting boxes in Hawaii, Virginia, North Carolina, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, Toronto, Texas, New Mexico, California, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana.  I hit 115 boxes overall and had a blast doing it.  I met some great people and I hope to meet more as we go along!  Here’s to a great 2012 and an even better 2013!  YOLO!!!!!

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